Phantom Car Audio offers a wide variety of Window Tinting for your vehicle or marine application.  All of our Window Tint provides you with 99.9% U.V. protection and up to 85% I.R. heat rejection.   All of the films that we install are backed by the Manufacturers FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY.  We also offer an additional ‘NO FAULT” Lifetime Warranty to protect the customer from accidental issues that may occur, such as scratches, nicks and even replaced windows.

SunTek window films are specifically designed for new generation automobiles.  The won’t interfere with GPS, AM/FM reception, satellite radio or tire pressure monitors.  SunTek has the highest heat rejection in the industry with the exception of our Wincos Film.  All films are non metalized, hard coat protected, offer 99% UV protection and come with a Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty.

From deep tints to clear shields, Llumar automotive films make those miles calmer, cooler, happier and much more stylish. With an automotive film selection as wide as the open road, we ensure you get exactly the upgrades you want: a head-turning look, powerful heat rejection, protection from UV rays, even defense against scratches. Look after what you drive, and those you care about. Lamar is our first choice in high performance automotive film, factory trained installers, and a lifetime warranty are here to help make it easy.

Xpel is one of the most trusted brands in the automobile protection industry and Xpel Prime XR Plus window films provide the highest heat rejections in the industry at 98% Infrared Rejection. Xpel was born out of a true passion for automobiles and the driving experience. Each one of the Xpel products were designed with the uncompromising determination to achieve the best possible appearance, performance and longevity. Xpel uses state-of-the art technology and research to bring you the highest level of quality. If you share their passion for unparalleled quality, you will find that the meticulous workmanship, testing and development that go into each product will exceed your expectations.